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On my own behalf

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Dear community,
I'm a little uncomfortable with this request
but I currently have no other choice:

Recently german local government decided to build a sewer for
my dad's house. It will cost about 60.000 Euros (which
is about 85.000 USD) and has to be payed by the residents
(my dad) only. He is an old man and in need of care. Needless
to say that this is a serious problem for us.

VuhDo has approx. 100.000 active users today. As you might know
in the past years I've always rejected donation requests for VuhDo,
but: if I could make every user donate a single buck my problems
would be solved at once. This is obviously not going to happen
but you could help to ease my situation a bit.

So: if you appreciate VuhDo, my work on it and if you can afford
it, you may use the link below:

Note: This is not the donate link, donations for
plusheal can be made on the forum main page.

Thanks for listening,
Posted Nov 7, 10 · OP
For those who have trouble with german, here's the curse link in english :sick: From there, click on the Donate button.

Posted Nov 7, 10 · OP · Last edited Nov 8, 10
Zohar your link returns a fatal error unfortunately :(
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
Ah gotta love paypal. The problem was going to the link that curse takes you to after you click the button starts a separate session which is subject to a timer. I'm just gonna link to curse's page and you can click the donate button from there. Less hassle that way.
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
Sorry to hear about your situation. I just donated some money. You deserve it with all the work and support you put into this addon. It's the least I could do.
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
The first link didn't work, but the link from Curse did. Done and done! Happy to donate. You've worked for it :sick:
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
Texted the wife to donate. Threatened her with no more piggy-backing fast queues :sick:
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
Donation sent. I can't imagine raiding without VuhDo.
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
Thank you very much for the generous donations!
Posted Nov 8, 10 · OP
I've sent you a small donation but it was in German, hopefully it gets throught to you.

Thanks for all the help with this great add-on.
Posted Apr 6, 11 · OP
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