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Please ignore this post as it is extremely out-dated, I have a new version for patch 5.3 out but its posted on wowhead! hope this helps :sick:


Yo peeps, I made this guide on how to setup Healbot for first timers for my guildies and thought I might share it with ye :sick: its a fantastic addon and no healer should be without, ofc this is just one of many grid available add-ons out there but I've always used Healbot for the simplicity and great customization options -

so go to - Curse to get the addon - install and extract to you WoW\Interface\Addon folder

when we login you should see some ugly green square with your name on it, so to make it more usefull and fun looking there should be a mini-map button or you can click the "options" panel or type /healbot options or /hb o - we are then shown quite a number of menus. Ill explain each tab and sub-tab features.



Make sure to turn off "Use CPU Profiler" unless your pc is uber specced ^^, Here you also have the option to hide the mini-map button and "options" button below healbot, remember you can always type /healbot options to pull up the menu, and /healbot to hide healbot.




So on the spells tab you get to customize many mouse clicks, start with the left, middle, right etc, if your mouse has extra buttons on the side click on "button 4" or whichever is showing for you


Make sure to click "auto target" so that when you go to cast a spell, it will target on the unit frame it self, ofc this is optional but handy if you like seeing your friendly target showing on your target unit frame. Extra mouse keys are extremely usefull, so for healing purposes put a instant cast spell so that its easy and quick to click on, here I have Circle of Healing so its just waiting to be pushed when needed, also my cooldown has been set by using the same button but with the added shift key / alt key. My advice, start out with a few of the main spells, and keep playing around, the more you do it the more your'll remember your key / mouse combinations.



Skins - General


You can set different "skin" options to different raid/party styles, I generally like to keep away from this and stick to the same layout for all, but thats your choice if you prefer to have like a 10 man/25 man/ 40 man raid layout - so here I have created a profile which can be used on all characters - the drop down box is set on "Yoshi" so when I log a different char I can use these layout settings easily, set your frame and bar anchor to "Top Left" on both. Also disable the use of fluid bars. Set your background to to black, and change the opacity of the border to clear, you will see the results this when all options have been done.

Skins - Healing


Turn off the options for "self - main tanks - main assist" optional ofc, but generally the tanks are usually in the same grp / marked on the raid browser as tanks, this will put the tanks in position 1 +2 on the grid, pets can be enabled if you wish to heal them but from a healers point of view if a hunter/warlock has a pet they should be healing it themselves. The Focus option will create and extra grid to your layout, but thats up to you if you wish to use it. My targets can also be used, accessed by the healbot menu - default alt+mouse wheel down

Skins - Headers


I have disabled this, but this option is handy if you wish to see group names, group 1, group 2 etc, I find it annoying and adds more to the unit frames, but again its a option for you.

Skins - Bars


Ok the fun part, best to change your texture to "flat" or which ever texture you like, you'll see why when you heal a raid :sick: You can use your own custom textures and or texture packs, which ever your prefer. Make sure to click on "Use groups per Column", change No. of groups to 1.
Height / Width can be adjusted to your monitor, Change enabled opacity to 100%, Incoming Heals to 40%, Same for out of range 10%, Disabled is 25%, Agro bar is set to 1, power bar is optional (i find it unecessary), but you can see players mana bars/power bars with this enabled.
Health Bar colour - set to custom - I have it set to a grey/white
Incoming Heals - set to - Same as health (current health)

Skins - Icons


Make sure all options are clicked, Icon Position should be set to "On Bar" and "Left Side" or "Right Side" if you prefer, the icon scale can be adjusted depending on your width/height you have set in Skins - Bars -, Healbot has a built in filtering set if you wish to show certain spells, have a look through them to see which ones you would like to be shown or never shown.

Skins - Agro


Extremely usefull in HC's / Raids, Healbot will start to create a border on the person thats tanking with a red outline, you can see straight away when someone is about to overagro or take full agro. Turn off >>Show Text<< and Track Percentage options.

Skins - Protection / Chat

I have the Protection options disabled, as for the Chat, you can have a notification for Battle Res, or when your Resing someone after a wipe. You can change it to your own, just add #n (e.g Ressing #n as they cba to run in! Slacker) this will say the persons name in the macro.

Skins - Bar Text


Just play around with what suits you, font size, font type ect... turn off "show class on bar" extremely annoying ^^,

Skins - Icon Text


Change to Icon Text Scale to suit your width/height of the bars, what you should be going for is to be able to see the duration, ie for me I am able to track prayer of mending, guardian spirit etc etc. If you wish to blacklist certain abilities that can be done via the Skins - Icons tab - "Filter" option

(ie - Priest - Inner Fire - Never )



So you healbot should start to look pretty neat now so on to the fun parts, how do you track certain boss abilities on players, the Cure Tab is your friend. As Healers we get to see EVERTHING, people but sometimes we miss key healing debuffs that are applied to the tank / players that we need to heal asap or require a CD etc.


First off go to custom - drop down menu, Cata-Raid, click new, the spell are case senstive so they should be put in as exact, go to wowhead, or shift+J for blizzards lol guide and look up the spell that you want to track. Type it in, you may want to change the color, have a set of colors for different abilities, ie kiting, moving, special abilites or whatever, ie - Waterlogged - maybe change it to a blue color, you can see straight away which people need to go and get there debuff removed, or "Stomp" on the Morchok fight so you can see who will take the increased dmg or "The Widow's Kiss" from Beth'tilac etc etc.




Handy if you wish to monitor missing buffs on a player, you can disable this of course but at leasts its optional




I have everthing turned off here except to monitor active HoTs, I find it extremely annoying to enable and a lil distracting, but up to you if you wish to have the tool tip enabled




Little extra features healbot has, have a look through them, random mount is pretty neat ^^,
You can also check out what it would be like to be in a 10/25 man raid by turning on the test bars.

You should end up with something like this -

or watch it in action :sick:

Play around with it is all I suggest, go do some hc's or battlegrounds, remember that melee can also use healbot, Assist can be setup, as well as using potions, healthstones etc etc.
or /w me in-game and I can share them via the share menu :sick:

Any questions give a holler
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it
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Thanks Yoshi! I've also used Healbot exclusively since I started healing back in BC. I disagree with some of the specific settings you have (I like my grid vertical instead of horizontal for example) but since Healbot is so customizable, it's hardly an issue. I now have a handy place to send guildies who have questions (usually asked in the middle of a raid, go figure).
Posted Dec 30, 11
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hehe thanks :sick: I could never get used to vertical mainly because of prayer of healing >_<
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it
Posted Dec 30, 11 · OP
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Please ignore this post as it is extremely out-dated, I have a new version for patch 5.3 out but its posted on wowhead! hope this helps :sick:
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it
Posted May 29, 13 · OP