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Healing heroic Hagara 10's lightning phase

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Hey there everyone.

I have a question about heroic Hagara 10. We've thrown a few attempts at this boss and I can not pump out the HPS I need to keep my group alive during the lightning phase (well... I can if I Regrowth spam, which OOMs me hardcore). I duo with a holy paladin, and we both collapse to the center when the phase begins. The raid splits into two groups of 4 to connect the conductors, and we're both in charge of one group.

I throw out Rejuves on everyone before damage begins, after which I kind of... fumble around. I tried a lot of different things. I used WG on CD, I Regrowth spammed in addition to RJ/WG, I pop ToL at the beginning and blanket-LB, using RG on OoC procs. I try to save Tranq for the end of the phase, but most the time I ended up using it towards the beginning.

I'm just completely boggled on this one. I mean, I'm only in charge of 5 people! Two of which are connected to conductors at any given time. I feel completely inadequate because my paladin partner has zero issues with his group.

I've watched videos from guilds like FatBoss (resto POV), and his raid is a million times more stable. He duos with a priest, and it looks like he FFA's and heals everyone in the raid during lightning, which is different than our strategy.

Can any of you give me any pointers? Thanks in advance!
Posted Dec 17, 11 · OP
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I could be wrong, since there are no logs, but if you would want to split the moving groups in order for each of you healers have at least 2 of the heavy damage taken people in it.

I'll explain: hunters, for example, seem to take more damage than others, due to low mitigation on their talents. If they have to move all around the platform with the conductor, at higher stacks they dip really freaking low. In my guild, if anyone died in lightning, were the hunters. Might want to ask the ones with low mitigation to hang a little bit in the back and not in the middle of the pack as to not take extra damage.

Also, have to check if your group isn't taking the lightning bolt in the head (I forgot the name of the spell, the lightning thing with a death circle). In that phase, depending on how high your stacks are, it's a 1 shot. All that can contribute.

As a general order, I save tranq for ice phase, since my guild goes to the middle with ranged so we have to spam heal, and ToL for later lightning phase, and I'm sorry, but I have to spam regrowth on some people to keep them from dying. If you feel confident you can heal thru ice phase without tranq, you can do it on lightning phase (just make sure to position yourself near the group) and you will have it up for both phases.
Posted Dec 19, 11
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Because most of the damage comes from the chaining, there are a couple things your raid can do to make this phase easier.

First, pre-position raiders for the chain(s) before the Elemental dies. Tank the Elemental a few yards from the first rod and then incorporate the tank and/or the melee into the chain right away. Ranged can be further links or on a second chain but still hit the Elemental.

Second, the players at the start of a chain take damage longer. Try to have classes with strong mitigation in those positions.

Third, break the chain immediately after the rod at the end is charged. That link is no longer needed and players are taking unnecessary damage at that point. The players at either end of the chain need to get out of range of their rods ASAP. The next chain can be started on the other side of the newly activated rod.

In other words: a lot of your throughput issues can be solved with different tactics for this phase. You will still probably want to use a cooldown anyway.
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Posted Dec 19, 11
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I may be misreading, but it seems that you're having way too many people in the conductor chains. You only need two teams of two. Make sure that these are relatively sturdy classes, and include the tank in one of the pairs. Each pair goes a different direction from the starting crystal, with each healer in charge of one pair. Basically the idea is that as soon as the add dies, everyone but those four should hug the middle for easy aoe healing and much much less damage taken due to no lightning chaining there.
It's shown here: , actually from a resto druid PoV. We've gotten better at the ice lance strat since that video, but at the time we were three healing (although it's probably not necessary). The reason the dk was taking so much damage that time was that he had his pet out and following him, adding an extra chain - bad bad dk. Make sure that pets aren't out and about doing such things.
Posted Dec 19, 11 · Last edited Dec 19, 11
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Two people per chain in 10man? That makes more sense, and also makes it possible to preposition everyone for lightning. A good view of a 25man raid positioning ahead of time (and breaking unneeded chains quickly) is the final lightning phase in this video.
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Posted Dec 19, 11
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I'm also a resto druid. We downed it a few days ago.
When the lightning elemental appears, go in the middle near the boss in the middle then rejuv them asap + WG too then refresh rejuvs before it dies. As soon as it dies, pop Tree/barkskin/mirror of broken images (tol barad trink) and Tranq. Once tranquility is over, use Innervate (hoping you have tier13 2pc) and spam Regrowth on your people like crazy (dont bother w/ rejuvs at this point except WG on CD when you can afford). Just spam Regrowth and save Swiftmend for people who are low. 2/3+ Nature's bounty talent help here to get some nice regrowth crits

A lot of people in our group use the tol barad trinkets and of course everyone should also use personal cooldowns for dmg mitigations. We do the lightning phase with around 12 stacks
Posted Dec 30, 11